"Relatively Painless" Cold Open

I started to adapt my webcomic Relatively Painless into an animation! This is based on pages 1-5 of the comic, with some significant dialogue and character acting changes, and it would serve as the cold open for a pilot episode. Done in Storyboard Pro.

Animatic Version:

"Journey to the Center of the Earth"

An assignment for my Storytelling for Digital Art class! The prompt was to recreate a book cover and tell an original story in 7 frames based on said cover.

Story Art

"Shoes" Storyboards

Storyboards for my Junior film "Shoes", produced with an approximation of TV terminology in mind.

Adventure Time "Board Test"

In my Fall '18 Sophomore Storyboarding class at Otis, we did the same storyboard test prospective board artists on Adventure Time were given. Done in Storyboard Pro.