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Winona's Stakeout

A sequence featuring Winona and Vera from the Pitch Tome's pilot outline.


Boss Battle

A fight scene from the Pitch Tome's episode outline "Dungeon Disaster."

Artist credits in the captions - please support these amazing folks!

Pigbog's Kingdom is an animated series pitch I developed! It's an all-ages comedy-adventure show about a group of amateur villains trying to take over the world.

The main document about the show is the "Pitch Tome", a debatably cursed 113-page digital book full of character art, worldbuilding, episode synopses - everything on this page and much more. Check it out below!

Pigbog Anime OP

An unofficial anime-style title sequence for the show set to "Dear Maria" by All-Time Low - a joke taken too far. Here is a thread of it set to a bunch of other pop punk songs of this era/energy, too.



All the videos associated with the project. Captions available by pressing the CC button!


Pitch Tome Intro

An animatic that introduces the Pitch Tome!

Fanart Gallery

"The Pigbog's Kingdom Manifesto"

A video I made out of a compulsion to explain my thoughts behind the unconventional format of the Pitch Tome.