Story Art

Pigbog's Kingdom Animatic - Boss Battle

An action sequence for my animated series Pigbog's Kingdom, based on an episode outline I wrote!
Storyboards also available below!

Marshall Dillon and Mister Green

A short animatic set to audio from the radio drama "Gunsmoke".

5 Three-Panel Storyboards

A few little storyboarded vignettes!

The Adventures of Atom & Delilah: Retake the Earth! Episode 1

An antifascist space cartoon animated by me and Atom Fellows of The Anarchy Funhouse!

"Journey to the Center of the Earth"

An assignment for my Storytelling for Digital Art class! The prompt was to recreate a book cover and tell an original story in 7 frames based on said cover.

Pigbog's Kingdom Pitch Tome Intro

An animatic introducing my animated series pitch, Pigbog's Kingdom!

"Shoes" Storyboards

"Shoes", an animated short film.

Storyboards, animatics, shorts, and more!

"Relatively Painless" Cold Open

I started to adapt my old webcomic Relatively Painless into an animation! This is based on the first few pages of the comic, with some significant dialogue and character acting changes from the original. It would serve as the cold open for a pilot.

"Multiclass Conflict"

Boarded from a script by Joie Foster.

(Board PDF also below!)

"Mugshot & Pollen: Living Elsewhere" Pilot

I storyboarded Pia Haywood's successfully Kickstarted 11-minute indie pilot, alongside Pia.

Pigbog's Kingdom Animatic - Winona's Stakeout

Another Pigbog piece - this time, a sequence from the pilot outline!

I'm fluent in Storyboard Pro and the
Creative Cloud suite. Time management, efficiency, and emphasis on expressions and character acting are big for me!

Thanks for looking!