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Life drawings, illustration, and more! "We defy category!" everything on this page screams, demonically.


The self-importance I must feel to give "Twitter threads" its own section is staggering, but I wanted to be annoying about my Mickey Mouse cartoon idea and didn't know where else to put it on the site, so.

  • The Mickey Mouse cartoon thread - Born out of a hyperfixation on Disney Parks history, I
    had an idea for a cartoon about Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Rabbit, and a Disney Parks shared universe. I talked about it at inelegant length here.

Thanks for looking!

***EPILEPSY WARNING! If you are sensitive to flashing lights and colors, please sit this one out!*** A "motion self-portrait" done for my Concept Development and Creativity class at Otis. Dog grief sure is a thing! So are After Effects filters! Song is Eleanor by Cake Bake Betty.