I am known to have a lot of digital irons in the digital fire. Here are some of them -

  • Daily Band Names - My longest social media enterprise to date. I am cursed to make up band names for the rest of my miserable life. Viewers can also submit their own! It's horrible.
  • Flintstones Factz-One time, I started thinking about The Great Gazoo more than usual. It lead to the creation of this Flintstones-themed shitposting account! It's horrible.

Personal Work/Miscellaneous


Gallery of GIFs

An interview I did with VoyageLA's Shoutout LA program!

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Life/Figure Drawing

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Life drawings, illustration, and more! "We defy category!" everything on this page screams, demonically.

The self-importance I must feel to give "Twitter threads" its own section is staggering, but I wanted to be annoying about my Mickey Mouse cartoon idea and didn't know where else to put it on the site, so.

  • The Mickey Mouse cartoon thread - Born from a hyperfixation on Disney Parks history, I
    had an idea for a cartoon about Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Rabbit, and a Disney Parks shared universe. I talked about it at inelegant length here.

  • The Sonic cartoon thread-My ideas for a Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, mostly drawing from the classic era and OVA.

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