KEYSMASH is a series of "poetry, comics, etc." that I make!
You can find them all digitally (and some of them in print) on
my online storefronts,
or using the links below! They're in chronological order as follows:

by Tucker Wooley


The Keysmash series has thus far been drawn and written entirely by me*, a full-time college student, and everything from printing costs to monthly fees for programs are covered by me as well. I say this to gently suggest that, if you’re willing and able, you can support me using the links on my shop page.
Thank you so, so much!

Mega Man-style sprites by @kumuhmuhA

I'm not doing this completely alone, though! I've also had help with the series from the following lovely people:

The 56-page "halfquel" to Keysmash 1. Node follows a cauliflower guy with health anxiety named Dan who finds a lump on his neck, and the absurdity that ensues. A cartoon medical horror-comedy based on a true story! A lot more comics in this one, only punctuated by poetry. Available digitally for pay-what-you-can.

Promo Art/Misc. Gallery:

The first Keysmash zine; 16 pages of poetry and comics, and an emotional character study. Delima Tan is a pomegranate art student who makes ASMR videos and digs punk music. Delima's anxiety manifests as seeds spilling from their mouth, and they've been seeing things. Explore a few days in the life of a pomegranate who's just trying to keep it together. Available digitally for pay-what-you-can on Gumroad and, and in print for $5 on Gumroad and Etsy!

And there's even more to come! Wow!

The third one! A 34-page "comics only, poetry go home" zine, and a digital vaporwave nightmare. After local wildfires make it unsafe to go outside, Delima and Dan decide to play their favorite online multiplayer game, VIRTUA-WARFARE BATTLE ROYALE DX. But something weird is going on in the game, and now the two friends have to figure it out or lose a life trying! Available digitally for pay-what-you-can.

An interactive fiction game comic thing, and #4 in the series. You play as Delima's roommate, Esther. Your Color Theory teacher has taken you on a "community outreach" field trip to the Storm Coast Aqueduct, a polluted and trickling waterway whose condition has worsened recently due to local wildfires. You and your classmates are tasked with cleaning the area of its plentiful garbage. Discover trashy treasures, solve mysteries, and explore the aqueduct in a funny interactive Keysmash story.