"Shoes", an animated short film.

The Himbo "series" is as follows -

The Exquisite Himbo, Vol. 3

A pin-up zine depicting Himbo in various different art styles.

Himbo's Mixtape

A Spotify playlist
of Himbo-adjacent bangers.

The Exquisite Himbo, Vol. 1

A body-positivity pin-up zine.


  • Himbo is proudly asexual!
  • Himbo is 6''9.
  • Himbo is Jewish! He had a really wild bar mitzvah.
  • Himbo's skin feels kinda like a dolphin's.
  • Himbo knows what the word "Himbo" means culturally and takes pride in the equivalency.
  • Himbo used to be a milkman.
  • Himbo loves you!

Himbo Trivia

Himbo is an original character of mine who I made some stuff about.

He's a little guy with big legs. He's great!


A Halloween minicomic.

The Exquisite Himbo, Vol. 2

A labor-positivity pin-up zine.