The third one! A 34-page "comics only, poetry go home" zine, and a digital vaporwave nightmare. After local wildfires make it unsafe to go outside, Delima and Dan decide to play their favorite online multiplayer game, VIRTUA-WARFARE BATTLE ROYALE DX. But something weird is going on in the game, and now the two friends have to figure it out or lose a life trying! Available digitally for pay-what-you-can.

The 56-page "halfquel" to Keysmash 1. Node follows a cauliflower guy with health anxiety named Dan who finds a lump on his neck, and the absurdity that ensues. A cartoon medical horror-comedy based on a true story! A lot more comics in this one, only punctuated by poetry. Available digitally for pay-what-you-can.

The first Keysmash zine; 16 pages of poetry and comics, and an emotional character study. Delima Tan is a pomegranate art student who makes ASMR videos and digs punk music. Delima's anxiety manifests as seeds spilling from their mouth, and they've been seeing things. Explore a few days in the life of a pomegranate who's just trying to keep it together. Available digitally for pay-what-you-can on Gumroad and, and in print for $5 on Gumroad and Etsy!

And there's even more to come! Wow!


KEYSMASH is a series of zines of "poetry, comics, etc." that I make!
You can find them digitally (and some of them in print) on
my online storefronts,
or using the links below! They're in chronological order as follows:

I'm not doing this completely alone, though! I've also had help with the series from the following lovely people:

by Tucker Wooley

The Keysmash series has thus far been drawn and written entirely by me*, a full-time college student, and everything from printing costs to monthly fees for programs are covered by me as well. I say this to gently suggest that, if you’re willing and able, you can support me using the links on my shop page.
Thank you so, so much!

Mega Man-style sprites by @kumuhmuhA